Hard Drive Problem-Please HELP!!

  Shikaree 16:38 28 Mar 09

Hi Gurus,

Please. please Help!!

My old 80GB Hard Drive is filling up and I have installed a new second hard drive 160GB. In Bios I have noticed it's showing as 137.4GB. It's showing in Device Manager. It's not showing in My Computer. Given me no Drive Letter so I cant Partition or Clone.

Whem the computer booted up it showed New Hardware found and a box came up saying something like 'Not Microsoft recognised or something to that effect & could not install automatically. If I chose Yes then it may have an effect on my system. I chose No. Booted up again a few times, got the same box. I chose Yes, this time.

Hve I done anything Wrong? Please Help.

How can I get my Bios to recognise the the new 160GB Hard Drive. Please Help!!!



  Jollyjohn 16:53 28 Mar 09


Assuming you are using XP
Control Panel
Administrative tools ( you may need to switch to classic view)
Computer Management

you should see your new hard drive here, right click on it and choose FORMAT
Once completed reboot and it will now be recognisable to Windows.

Once you have rebooted I would go
Right Click on "My Documents"
and move the whole lot to your new drive.

  Jak_1 17:39 28 Mar 09

Have you formatted the drive?

  Shikaree 17:52 28 Mar 09

Hi Jollyjohn,

Thanks for your prompt reply. My new Hard Drive is not showing in Storage. This is what is in Storage : Remobable Storage. Disk Defragmenter. Disk Management (Local). When I Click this a window opens up something like when you're Cloning. My new hard Drive is at the botton - Disk 1 - 149.50GB. (Not 160GB. Unallocated.

What do I do please.


  Shikaree 17:57 28 Mar 09


No, can't format. No Disk Alphabit Letter allocated to my New Drive.



  MAJ 18:22 28 Mar 09

"My new hard Drive is at the botton - Disk 1 - 149.50GB. (Not 160GB. Unallocated."

Right-click on the drive in there (the Unallocated space) and choose Format.

  Shikaree 18:48 28 Mar 09


There is no Option in that window 'Computer Management' to Format.

Another Window Pops up - Initialize & Convert Wizard - Do I use this to Initialise & Convert the New Hard Drive?


  MAJ 20:32 28 Mar 09

..... had to pop out, yes, use the Wizard.

  Shikaree 21:01 28 Mar 09

Don't worry Maj, I have just been reading about the Initialize & Convert Wizard on the Net and they warned about the bit fall on converting from Basic Disk as my New hard drive is now to Dynamic Disk. That is what that Wizard does. There is quite a long detail about it and warned the un-experienced not to convert to Dynamic Disk. So I won't go that way.

I believe there is a PCI Card that rectifies the BIOS to recognise the Full size of the Hard Disk.

If there are any more ideas and advise on this Topic 137.4GB recognition please post it.



  Jollyjohn 18:48 29 Mar 09

Re reading your original post you mention partitioning or cloning - what partition software do you use?
There should be an option to create and format a partition in that software.

  woodchip 18:51 29 Mar 09

You have to make the drive active before you can format it and the size is right for 160Gb

PS this is in Disc Management

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