Hard drive problem. How to fix it.

  bazibns 14:52 24 Jan 15

My hard drive has 50 gb gone, don't know why

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:04 24 Jan 15

What is the size of the drive 1Gb 1Tb?

Are we talking a new drive or drive already with data on

what operating system window version?

  bazibns 15:09 24 Jan 15

148 gb - click here drive with data on

w 7 64 bit


  robin_x 16:06 24 Jan 15

Use Ccleaner tp Analyze and clean temp files

click here

Use its Tools/System Restore function to delete old restore points


View Hidden and System Files

click here

  bremner 16:19 24 Jan 15


Bazibns link produces porn pop up on my iPad

  bazibns 16:26 24 Jan 15

the pop up is from the page. look the image, of propertis drivers

  Bris 17:03 24 Jan 15

Also empty the recycle bin and consider moving the page file to drive H (this will also improve performance).

The red line on drive C is a warning that the drive is becoming too full which is especially important on the drive containing the OS as it will cause the PC to slow down.

If all of the above still doesnt reduce the storage then consider moving some data from drive C to drive H.

When you have done the clear up take another look at the storage reported.

  bazibns 17:09 24 Jan 15

I have delete System Restore and clean temp files. is not working.

Can we use TeamViewer to see if u can do something ?

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