Hard drive problem

  Skuby 20:14 04 Apr 07

Hi, I have a PC with two hard drives, 250Gb master & 80Gb slave.
Everything worked perfectly until I tried to install Win98 as a second operating system. In error it started to write on the 250Gb master but almost immediately stopped. Since then it would not boot up. I have managed to retrieve most of my work by putting the drive as a slave, installing XP on another drive and retrieving my work.
The problem is I can no longer boot from this drive, it has been formatted & re-partitioned. Also when the PC is switched on and BIOS checks the IDE channel, this 250Gb drive is very slow to respond (approx 2 minutes), it has SMART enabled & has never reported any errors.
It seems to work ok as a slave drive but not as a master, and yes the jumpers are set correctly.
Any ideas???

  woodchip 20:19 04 Apr 07

You will not be able to put 98 on a computer that as XP on the C:\Drive. AS 98 wants the C:\drive It will work the other way round 98 first XP after

  mosfet 20:27 04 Apr 07

Sorry to contradict woodchip but you can indeed have XP on C: & 98se on D: This PC is Just that. Just that XP should be installed last.

  woodchip 20:30 04 Apr 07

Try telling him how to do it

  mosfet 20:41 04 Apr 07

Simply install 98 on D: then install xp on C:
xp only needs to go on last for the boot menu.
If bootmagic or other bootmanager is used it would'nt matter.

  Skuby 20:45 04 Apr 07

Hi woodchip & Les, I am now trying to get XP back on my 250Gb drive and be able to boot from it, am not going to put Win98 on now.

I am just baffled as to why i can't get it to boot from it.

  woodchip 21:35 04 Apr 07

Les2 seams to know all the answers

  Skuby 20:42 08 Apr 07

Why does the drive work ok when used as a second drive, but when connected as the master it hangs at boot up, takes approx 2 minutes before the black boot up screen displays the IDE drives and cannot be used? It displays it almost instantly when a slave drive.

The jumpers are set correctly & accordingly, it is a Western Digital 2500JB - 250Gb.

Any help would be appreciated as this has got me beat!!

  woodchip 20:47 08 Apr 07

If you are changing two drives round and the one you set as slave, as the original OS on it, the BIOS is looking for a Operating System in the MBR of drives. By awaping them round it cannot see the disc

  Skuby 20:58 08 Apr 07

Hi Woodchip,

This drive used to be the master running XP, no probs with it until accidently started to install Win98 onto it.

Tried to re install XP - no joy. Fresh install of XP but then kept coming back with errors saying can't write various files (.dll's & .sys files) to hard drive for installation.

Used Western Digital installation CD to re-write MBR & then format, all seems to go ok.

Still won't allow XP to be installed & hangs at boot up & is un-useable.

Put as a slave & it is fully accesible & is recognised by BIOS at boot up almost instantly.

  woodchip 21:03 08 Apr 07

Was XP on a Fat32 before you tried loading 98 or was it NTFS? as they are different formats for the drive. And you cannot mix them . It sounds like you need to clear the disc with Killdisk click here and start from scratch

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