Hard Drive Problem

  2Xtreme_lives 08:42 03 Apr 07

I have been using windows vista up until recently. I was trying to install a new mouse and i had to keep restarting my pc from the mains. Then when i tried to load up vista i got a registry error. I figured that i had many files i did not want anyway so i decided to reinstall vista. But now i can't, it keeps coming up woth errors during installation. I tried installing xp and there is a similar problem, errors that files can't be copied etc. Also, sometimes my pc does not even detect the hard drive and i have to reboot it. How can i fix this problem? thanks

  Kate B 09:31 03 Apr 07

Were you upgrading or doing a clean install of Vista? Always better to do the latter. And check the connection between your hard drive, the PSU and the motherboard.

  rodriguez 11:57 03 Apr 07

Have you ever had any clicking or other noises coming from the drive? The best option is do use a program like FDISK to delete all the partitions and then format. If you still get read/write errors see if you can get hold of a spare drive to try in it.

  Ank45 12:25 03 Apr 07

It is better to format the Hard Drive completely and then do clean reinstall.If the Hard Drive is making any clicking or any abnormal noise then try to reseat the Hard Drive Data Cable connection.

It may help you.

  Kate B 12:37 03 Apr 07

A clicking noise from the hard drive could indicate imminent failure.

  2Xtreme_lives 22:21 03 Apr 07

I don't think there is a clicking noise, i shall do some research on FDISK, thanks for the help, i'll get back to you

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