Hard drive problem

  recap 13:44 13 Aug 06

I have two hard drives in a machine, but it will only recongnise one of them. The BIOS settings are correct, but this second drive will not show up anywhere.

Any suggestions as to why this could be happening?

  James. 13:49 13 Aug 06

Has it been formatted.

  recap 14:13 13 Aug 06

Thanks James, yes it's formatted.

If I take the case off and listen for the drive to start up, it works, but nothing of it's existence shows up in Explorer or anywhere else.

  Totally-braindead 14:15 13 Aug 06

First thing is check the ribbon cable. Remove it and reseat it.

  wee eddie 14:15 13 Aug 06

as a slave drive?

  cream. 14:18 13 Aug 06

Are the jumper settings correct. Master and slave.

Change the IDE cables.

Disconnect the main hard drive and boot up. Is the slave showing in the bios.

Is showing in windows disk management.

  Zebrapec 14:19 13 Aug 06

I have the same problem, My master is 'C' and slave 'D' but it never shows up and no one has been able to tell me how to do it also. In fact I put a floppy in today that had WORKS on it and it would not read it. Now I know I have MS WORKS on my computer, but it is on the invisible 'D' drive.
Is there someone out there that can tell me and recap how to say put a 'Short Cut' on the desktop to the other drive, or is that asking the impossible?

  recap 14:23 13 Aug 06

Thanks all, the jumpers are set correctly. Windows disc management only show up on 80GB drive.

The only thing I haven't been able to check is the cable, this I will have to do tomorrow.

For now thanks for all your advice. I will post back later with my resluts on the cable side of the problem.

  cream. 14:29 13 Aug 06

have you tried disconnecting the 80GB drive from the IDE cable. Is the other drive now showing in the bios.

What size is the other hard drive.

  recap 14:34 13 Aug 06

Thanks 64 bit, yep I have disconnected the drive and the other still shows up in the BIOS and Windows. The other drive is 120 GB.

I have some spare cables at work so I will try one of those tomorrow night.

  Ray5776 14:37 13 Aug 06

Has this just occured or has it never seen the second drive from when you fitted it.

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