Hard Drive Power Management

  Gordon Comstock 10:20 03 Oct 04

Fitted this hard drive: click here to my old Packard Bell 1250. I now have two HD's, a CD drive and a floppy drive; there's still room for a DVD drive. Everything was working fine for a few days.

Now, if I leave the PC turned off over night nothing happens when I push the power button in the morning. The monitor light is still on but there's no power to the tower.

On opening the case, the first time, I fiddled with all the molex connectors and power was back.

I turned the machine on and off a few times and it booted every time.

This morning, again on leaving it off over night, no power. I removed the molex from the new drive, booting from my old drive only and power was back immediately. I have now attached a different molex to the new drive and everything is working. I can't check if the power will fail again (under the same circumstances) until tomorrow morning.

What do you think the problem is?

Faulty Molex?
Power brownout?

Do I need to stagger the drives spinning-up?

  JonnyTub 10:44 03 Oct 04

hazard a guess at the molex seen as that would appear to be the common factor, i.e. everytime you've fiddled with it, it's come back on. can you see any kind of dirt, oxidisation, wire thread crossing terminals etc, as molex's tend to be fault free, this would at first glance be a difficult one to diagnose, if you've got one measure the voltage to check for power variations across the terminals with a multi meter, check your 12v line first especially at boot up then your 5v line.

  JonnyTub 10:49 03 Oct 04
  Graham ® 10:50 03 Oct 04

Is the PSU up to the job?

  JonnyTub 10:50 03 Oct 04

could also just be your psu not being able to cope, what wattage is it and what is it supplying.

  JonnyTub 10:58 03 Oct 04


  Graham ® 11:07 03 Oct 04

PSU calculator click here

  Gordon Comstock 13:09 03 Oct 04

How can I tell if my PSU's up to it?

The calculator's useful but I'm not 100% on my setup components compared to those in the drop down lists of the site.

I have Aida32 installed can I find the wattage of my PSU with that? I can see the voltage levels of various things in there but no overall wattage rating and the ratings mean little to me.

Surely one more hard drive wouldn't be too much of a load.

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