Hard Drive Noise

  Pumas 23:44 21 May 03

My hard disc drive has recently started giving a lot of vibration noise when in reads or writes. Should I worry about this? Could it be a loose screw or something?

  hugh-265156 23:48 21 May 03

doesnt sound too good.check all fixings just in case but sounds like its on its way out.

make sure you do a back up of anything important.

  Pumas 00:08 22 May 03

If the fixings are Ok is there any sure fire way that I can check that it is really on its way out. It's less than two years old and I'd be disappointed if it were.

  DieSse 00:13 22 May 03

Try enabling SMART in the BIOS and downloading a trial of ActiveSMART click here

This will monitor many parameters inside you drive, and report ones that are out of specifcation.

  hugh-265156 00:14 22 May 03

hard drives can fail even the day they are bought,just like anything really.

i think its had it.even if i were to just unscrew my hard drive and leave loose in the case the noise would be no different.

if it has just started to become this way you may get a day,week,month,year out of it but i would`nt take the risk.

is it a smart drive?enable this in the bios and it usually give you a warning if things are going to go pear shaped.

  hugh-265156 00:16 22 May 03

DieSse just beat me to it!
click here has smart monitoring too and more besides.look in storage/smart

  kane_2002k 00:20 22 May 03

and doing a complete backup of ur old drive, before it fails - i had the same problem, started off as weird noises from the hard drive, then it progessed to the hard drive having an inability to find windows when booting up half the time.

  Pumas 00:26 22 May 03

I think that I'll start looking at new drives and do some backup fast.

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