HARD DRIVE IS FULL. Help please.

  littletom 07:03 07 Jan 03
  littletom 07:03 07 Jan 03

I have only a 1.6 gb hard drive. It is now full. I have uninstalled almost everything, but it is still full. I am running Windows Me. Will a file compression programme regain me some much needed hard drive space ???? If so, is there a particular one that anyone can recommend. ?
A million thanks.

  Getharry 07:19 07 Jan 03

Have you deleted tempery files and defraged lately?

  siarad 08:22 07 Jan 03

If you use AVG check the Update directory. I found 47Mb there & deleted it. Run scandisk to put the info right after your removals.

  Andsome 08:38 07 Jan 03

I had a similar problem a long time ago with my first computer. The local shop fitted a 10GB hard drive and ghosted everything accross for what was quite a small price, I cannot remember just how much. Why not investigate this, if like me you prefer to keep your fingers out of the box.

  zoobie 08:42 07 Jan 03

You've unistalled everything? Oh dear...bad move. Anyway, with the price of hard drives these days, simply go out and buy a new/used larger one, pop it in, and away you go!

Btw...Don't compress anything unless you want a slower computer.

  golfpro 10:41 07 Jan 03

Back in 1980 a 10Mb hard disk was about as big as you could get on a home PC, and was the size of a video recorder, but now, depending on what you use your computer for, 20Gb is about the minimum especialy if you are into photos and music, but if you are going for an upgrade do like Andsome says and get the shop to install it and transfer your files, it dosn't cost much and everything gets done right.

  mark e 15:45 07 Jan 03

you pay p&p and you can have a maxtor 3gig HD

  woodchip 15:48 07 Jan 03

You cannot get better than that

  keith 16:24 07 Jan 03

I`ve just cleared 64mb from AVG update file

  gengus 16:24 07 Jan 03

take advantage of mark e's generous offer...

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