Hard Drive Failing on Toshiba Satellite Pro L450-17L

  Big Ben 04 Jul 12

Hi Guys,

Could really do with some advice. I've tried to perform a recover on my laptop using the discs provided with the laptop when I bought it, as it was running very slow and thought I'd do a spring clean.

However, after loading it, and it all working, it is still very slow and it says there is a hard drive problem and I should back up.

I don't have a problem with this, or potentially wiping or replacing the hard drive and starting again. But I'm concerned that I will lose the partition on the hard drive set aside for the recovery (Toshiba did this) - and I don't want to lose my "copy" of windows 7.

I hope that makes sense and will love you forever if you can help :)

  rdave13 04 Jul 12

With my son's Toshiba, running Vista, we had created the restore DVDs when new. When the hard drive died I simply replaced it and used the recovery DVDs to reinstall as new. Everything was as factory set and we could even create the recovery discs again. Hope that helps.

  Big Ben 04 Jul 12

So if I just format the drive - Should I still be able to reload the recovery disk (bearing in mind that there is data set aside on the disk for recovery

  robin_x 04 Jul 12

My Compaq W7 Recovery DVDs (3 of them) recreate everything, including the Recovery Partition.

You should be able to do that with a new blank hard drive and you bootable set.

If you have an extra £50 or so, an external USB HDD will enable bombproof imaging for the future.

eg you could Image/clone your partitions to it. And make regular Image Backups.

This covers you against HDD failure and malware.

John Lewis seem to have some good deals if you have the pennies and inclination

  buteman 04 Jul 12

Just before you go down that route why not try chkdsk.

My computer.Right click C drive and click on properties.Click on tools.And then Check Now.Make sure both boxes are ticked and press start.You will then have to reboot for it to start.

If that finishes there is probably nothing wrong with your hard drive.or it may repair the problem.

If it keeps sticking at the same point you know that it is a hardrive problem.

Have you looked in taskmanager when the computer is running slow to see if anything using up the CPU.

Once you click on properties when going to chkdsk check that you still have lots of space left on your hard drive

Or try Device manager to see if any problems on there.

Just some things that you can try.


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