Hard drive docking station

  Spock999 15:28 23 Jun 11

Having just had a computer failure, I expect to have some hard drives that I need to get my data off. I don't really want to by a permanaent enclosure but something which I can just plug them in to process them in turn.

I have thought about this before but many of the ones in online stores have very mixed reviews. What is the experience out there?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 23 Jun 11

Type of hard drives, PATA (IDE) or SATA?

  Spock999 15:49 23 Jun 11


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 23 Jun 11

I use an adaptor cable simular to here 2nd down mines called R driver III but I can't find a UK supplier for it now, bought mine for £7 from a computer fair.

  Spock999 16:57 23 Jun 11

That looks like a very good idea thanks.

Part of what I was thinking was that the docking station would allow me to use the drives afterwards for backup or something.

Previously when systems have failed I have been left with drives of around 200Mb which are a bit small these days but these are 600-750Gb and potentially useful.

  gengiscant 17:03 23 Jun 11

I have something like this: Adapter

  ICF 17:19 23 Jun 11


  Spock999 17:26 23 Jun 11

Yes ICF. Those are what I have seen but reviews seem to vary from wonderful to it blew up within 2 seconds of powering it up.

Quality seems a bit variable!

While the docking staton looks like a good idea, it needs to be reliable. I would rather go with Fruit Bat's suggestion if I can't trust it.

  Strawballs 22:45 23 Jun 11

When you say failure what happened?

  Spock999 23:52 23 Jun 11

System froze & wouldn't reboot. I tried to boot from a CD but that wouldn't work either. Power comes on but there is no effect apart from an initial click.

I would think that if it was the boot disc that had failed booting from the recovery CD would work (XP) so it looks like something more serious & difficult to recover from.


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