Hard Drive Cooler Installation?

  Jimi_L 20:35 11 Feb 06

Hi, has anyone hear got a 3 or 2 Fan Hard Drive Cooler, the box of mine doesn’t give a make but it dose say installation is easy…there wrong…

I’m trying to put my hard drive into the 5.25 bay which is the one under my rw and dvd drive, I’ve been given these brackets with the cooler that in some way I meant to attach to the hard drive to fit it into the larger bay. I manage to do this but the front of the cooling thing doesn’t fit in the bay as well I tried other ways its just not happening, can anybody help me with a diagram or a website or anything that could help?



  Jimi_L 21:01 11 Feb 06

its ok now, i've found a tutorial on it, luckaly, here's the link if anyone whos experiencing the same trouble:

click here



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