Hard Drive Cloning Software

  pb457 10:48 17 Apr 05

I know this topic has been brought up many a time but the other postings aren't any help to me. I have bought a new hard drive Hitachi deskstar 160gb to replace my old quantum fireball 20gb. I have only borrowed the quantum so i can't use the hitachi as a slave. I need to clone my old harddrive but all the software on the other postings people have recommended has been destroyed by my virus scanner, does anybody know whether it's not a virus and the virus scanner thinks it is, as i am reluctant to turn off the scanner in case it is Thanks

  pj123 11:11 17 Apr 05

Before you do anything at all I would suggest you check to see if your computer can accept a 160gb hard drive. If you only have a 20gb at the moment the chances are that your computer will only manage a maximum of 37gb?

  pb457 11:30 17 Apr 05

I built my computer a few months ago i should have said i have an athlon xp 2500 1gb ram geforce FX5700 ultra and a matsonic motherboard

  pb457 11:31 17 Apr 05

everything is new

  pj123 13:08 17 Apr 05

OK fair enough. So what you need (depending on the Operating System) is xxcopy from click here for Win 98SE. Or xxclone from click here for Win XP.

Install the new hard drive as a slave and Fdisk, Partition and Format it. Then use either xxcopy or xxclone to transfer everything.
Take the old disk out and make the new one master and reboot.

Be aware using this system will copy everything to the new hard drive including problems, viruses, malware, spyware etc.

It might be worth cleaning up the 20gb drive before attempting a transfer.

  DieSse 14:01 17 Apr 05

The best, and which will serve you well in the future for backups, is Acronis TrueImage. It's an excellent investment. click here

  pj123 15:00 17 Apr 05

It doesn't matter what cloning software you use. If your original disk has problems they will be transferred.

  pb457 17:26 17 Apr 05

I only had the old hard drive because i ran out of money, i have no problems with it apart from i've filled it up and i need a bigger drive for TV recording, Thanks alot

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