Hard Drive. Can it be transferred?

  Bingalau 22:02 14 Aug 06

Can a hard drive be removed from one computer and added to another computer? Instead of deleteing everything on it, or as suggested in other threads for obvious reasons, (such as the ongoing Nigerian scam) destroying it.

  Quiller. 22:09 14 Aug 06


It is easy.

Post back if you wish to do it. It would take around 20 minutes to do.

  VoG II 22:09 14 Aug 06

Simple answer is 'yes'.

  Bingalau 22:19 14 Aug 06

Thanks for the reply, I do not want to do it right now but I can see that I may need to do it in the near future, My grandaughter is getting a new computer and she has been using my old one which still has a lot of my stuff on it. There is still plenty of room on the drive too as far as I know. So if you can send me the instructions on how to do it, I would be very pleased. VoG also, many thanks for your quick reply as usual, I think you must spend all your spare time just waiting for people like me to come up with queries. It's very good of you and I commend you to the house!!! ..Bingalau.. PS I am just off to bed so will finish off in the morning... Thanks again.

  Quiller. 23:16 14 Aug 06

when the new computer arrives.

Open the case of the old computer. Locate the hard drive. Pullout the IDE ribbon cable and the 4 wire power cable. Undo the 4 screws that attach the hard drive to the cage. The hard drive will now pull out of the computer.

Look on the top of the hard drive for the jumper settings. they should tell you which pins you need to cover for the slave drive setting. Pull the jumper off the hard drive, located between the power and IDE pins of the hard drive and set the jumper to slave.

Open the new computer with it turned off. Slot the old drive into the cage and fasten with 4 screws. trace the IDE ribbon cable from the new hard drive in the new computer and you should find a spare connector. Fit this connector to the hard drive taken from the old computer. Fit the power lead to the hard drive, remember red stripe of ribbon cable to red wire of power connector.

reboot the computer and locate the old hard drive. transfer all files that are needed to the new hard drive.

Then open my computer and right click the old hard drive. Pick the format option. the new computer should now have all the old files needed and a spare hard drive to store data.

The physical side of moving the drive should be about 20 minutes to someone who has not done this before.


  DieSse 23:46 14 Aug 06

Alternatively, you could buy an external drive enclosure, fit the drive into it, and connect it via a USB2 connection to the new computer.

This saves opening up the case of the new system, and maybe getting confused over serial and parallel interfaces.

Also a number of new branded computers are built with little room to go mounting extra drives easily, especially those in ulra-small cases.

An external drive is also an excellent method for taking backups, and keeping the backup drive disconnected from the computer when not being used.

  Jak_1 01:00 15 Aug 06

Have to agree with DieSse on this one. Much simpler, no messing about with jumpers nor opening, and invalidating a warrantee, a new computer. An enclosure will cost approx £20 - £25 and very easy to setup taking only a few minutes.

  Bingalau 10:21 15 Aug 06

All contributers; Many thanks for the information which I will keep for future use. I am more than impressed with your generosity as well as your knowledge. I think I will go with the easy option of buying the external drive enclosure, because as well as being a devout coward I am a great believer in doing things the easy way. Can I buy one of these things from one of the many Computer Fairs around or is it best to use a proper retailer? I will mark this thread as closed now and may I once again thank you all for your help. ..Bingalau..

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