hard drive

  tutts 21:42 07 Feb 03

iv got a 1.8 intel celron hp with 40 gig hd ,and i want to add anouther h drive as mines getting full . should i get one to plug in side the pc or an external one , my problem is that on my hp has got a recovrey drive as well . iv never fitted one before is it straight forward , i want to just put music files in the new drive is it possible (hp452uk)

  Elrond 21:47 07 Feb 03

Getting snd installing an internal drive is very easy. And much cheaper than buying an external drive.

  hopeless1 22:22 07 Feb 03

easy job, take off lid ,fit new hdd in empty bay connect leads existing should have spare connection make sure it is set to "slave" fit power lead ,cover and turn on

  bigray 06:02 08 Feb 03

for my second hard drive I use a removable drive holder, fits in machine, but drive can be removed from front, about £8

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