Hard drive

  jerica 10:41 AM 17 Jun 11

Hi, I've got dual hard drives with a dual install of XP on one and 7 Ultimate on the other, I think one of them is on the way out (strange whiring noise at start up, which goes after boot finishes), I haven't determined which one it is yet but my question is is it possible to tranfer everthing to a new hard drive and still have it work properly or is it a complete re-install? Thanks.

  hastelloy 10:47 AM 17 Jun 11

I use Acronis True Image - if you have a Seagate, Maxtor or Western Digital Hard Drive you can download a free version from the HDD manufacturer. You can then clone your HDD to another of at least the same capacity and then do a straight replacement.

  xania 11:20 AM 17 Jun 11

ALternatively, you can copy the entire partition from the old drive to a new one using any partition manager. This avoids the necessity of having identically sized HHDs so you can use the opportunity to upsize at the same time.

  jerica 14:42 PM 17 Jun 11

Thanks, sounds simpler that it will turn out to be but at least I know where to start, thanks again.

  Strawballs 18:51 PM 17 Jun 11

If you go to th website of the manufacturer of th new drive you want to fit thy will have their own software for doing just that and they are usually based on Acronis and free


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