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  ronniex 09 May 11

Hi, I have an old pc,and the power suply has gone . On the hard drive i have a lot of stuff mainly pics i want. I have taken the drive out and managed to conect it to my lap top with a sata to usb converter cable.My laptop does see the drive as drive G but says its empty. I have managed to get some pics of it useing recover my files sofware off the web (freeware)but it only lets you save a gig of data .Is there any other way my windows 7 laptop can see the contents of the drive without it saying it needs reformating. cheers ronnie

  letsgetrdy 09 May 11

Try looking in disk management and seeing if you can assign it an alternate drive letter.

  Terry Brown 09 May 11

You do not say what software you used, but Recuver is good and free.

Disconnect the harddrive fron the laptop, download and install Erasus, then reconnect the other harddrive. Attemp to recover the the harddrive to the laptop, not the one you are trying to recover from otherwise it will not work properly


  ronniex 09 May 11

thanks terry for the advice,but it didnt work.Changing the drive letter that is.Looks like ill have to buy the full version of the software.It did however make me learn a bit more,as im a novice at this sort of thing.The hard drive is RAW so i think thats why i cant see the data on it.Cheers anyhow

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 May 11

Showing RAW Ok its lost its file system or mbr

try running chkdsk / f on the drive

you should be able to run disk checking tools from Computer

  wee eddie 09 May 11

"SATA to USB converter" you say, it depends a bit on your definition of "Old" but I doubt the old Drive was SATA.

There may be your problem.

  finerty 09 May 11

Your drive might be a Pata not a sata, post us all the sticker information oon the drive itself so that we can determine it.

  ronniex 10 May 11

hi, the drive is sata.when i say old i mean in computer terms,old is more than 2 years,well 6 months come to that. like i said, i have managed to get a gig of pictures off the drive using the freeware software easeus.seems like i need to buy the full working package,well the serial key.Just thought there might have been a way to do though windows thats all. thanks for all your input though ronnie

  Zeppelyn 11 May 11

For free date recovery, the best Ive found is Mini Tool Power Data Recovery, its free for home use and no limit on amounts recovered either.

  wee eddie 11 May 11

I'd install the old drive in an External Drive Case eBay and read it from there. Make sure that you have the correct Size of Drive Bay and Connection.

The advantage of that route is that you will then have a spare External Drive for less than a £10.00, to use for a Back-up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 May 11

Easyrecovery http://www.ontrack.com/easyrecoverylite/ Testdisc http://www.cgsecurity.org/index.html?testdisk.html


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