hard drive

  joe95 19:28 20 Apr 04

Ihave just installed a new HD to my Hp pavilion running Win98 upgraded to 98 SE.came pre-installed 5yrs ago with a recovery disc.
Problem I tried to install 98se from a disc no joy, 98se no joy.Tried the recovery disc it installed win98 but when I tried to update to 98se message source file could not be found msjdbc 10.100=msjdbc 10dll.then tried ti install some of my programmes WKS2000, Office 2000 halfway through crashed and had to restart by using recovery disc.Ias wondering if HP have programmed the system in someway.
Thanks Joe

  AndySD 19:56 20 Apr 04

What is the HP model (eg Pavilion 7955) as they may have a tatoo on the hard drive.

  joe95 23:42 20 Apr 04

Pavilion 6405

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