hard disk trouble

  tps 17:08 04 Mar 03

I have an old intel p120 and i am reconditioning it for a mate but i have a small niggly problem.

when the pc boots up the all the hardisks(inc. cd-rom) are detected by the bios, but fail to load when the start up disk i use (win98se)so when the command prompt arrives i can't access c: prompt, only a: and the cdrom drive.The hard drive is formated.

  Diemmess 17:56 04 Mar 03

What have you done so far by "reconditioning"?........ like deleted anything or reformatted?

Have you changed anything in the BIOS?.....Have you changed any Hardware?

  pj123 20:42 04 Mar 03

email me and I will send you a boot disk that will start anything (including the morris minor in the drive). It contains .exe files so cannot be emailed, will have to be sent by snail mail.

  eccomputers 21:25 04 Mar 03

you just change the .exe to something like .pdf and when it is received they can be renamed.

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