Hard Disk Repair software

  Coeur de Lion 15:49 21 Jul 06

My six month old 500GB Seagate hard disk has gone AWOL! It started by trying to run Chkdisk automatically on boot. This would go through several processes, indicating some sectors were unreadable and that some repairs had been made. Ultimately though Chkdsk would hang, never completing. My BIOS usually detects the drive but Win XP does not allow it to be used. I have been thinking about Norton SystemWorks, Acronis Disk Director suite. Surely there is a program that will simply allocate the unreadable sectors into a new partition enabling me to rescue whatever is left? Does anyonwe know of any good disk repair software? I ran Seagate's Seatools but it was useless, testing for 14 hours before telling me that there were multiple errors on the drive (I knew that already). Am I really going to have to spend hundreds of pounds with a data recovery company?

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