Hard Disk Problems

  Puds 23:17 03 Jan 03
  Puds 23:17 03 Jan 03

I have recently installed a new hard drive, but I am now having problems with the old drive.
I was useing Win98 as my OS, but have installed XP on the new drive.

Although everything is Ok with the new drive and this is up and running, the old drive will not show under explorer. The drive is seen Ok in the bios as "Slave".

In Computer Management within XP, I can see the drive OK

Volume = "PRIMARY" This is how it was labled
Layout = Partition
Type = Basic
File System = FAT32
Status = Healthy (Active)
Capacity = 10.08GB

No Drive letter has been asigned when viewed through Explorer.

Can you help ??

Best Regards
Phil Livesey

  jazzypop 23:20 03 Jan 03

Have you tried right-clicking the drive in Computer management? It may not be 'enabled' yet (forgotten the correct term).

  AMD_MAN23 23:29 03 Jan 03

Initialised and partitiones i think you mean mate, go to
controlpanel>administrative tools>computer managment
and highlight the disk managment sub section under the storage section if your second hard drive comes up with a black line on the tip then it need partitioning, if it has a red thingy on it it will need initialising you can do both of these by right clicking on them and scrolling down.


  BRYNIT 23:40 03 Jan 03

1. Have you connected the master and slave drive in the correct order the ribbon.
2. how did you load windows XP did you istall it with due boot.

  DieSse 23:53 03 Jan 03

Is your new XP installation NTFS, and your old drive FAT32?

  jazzypop 15:40 04 Jan 03

Received by email...

"Hi Jazzypop

Yes I have tried this, all I get as an option if I righr click on the drive in Computer Management is to delete partition.

The drive shows dark blue on the band (Primary Partition) I think this means.

The New drive shows the same from the primary partition and then light blue for the logical partitions.

The only difference showing on the two drives as far as the primary partition is concerned is that the main drive "C" shows in the system Box as Healthy (System)and the drive that is not asigned is showing Healthy (Active)

Phil L"

Hmm - we are into some fairly long shots, now. Do either of these two links help?

click here or

click here

You may also find it helpful to have a look at your system using the msinfo tool - see
click here

  jazzypop 23:01 04 Jan 03

Received by email...

"Thanks for the Info, I think you may have found the problem, as I was running goback on the old drive. However hitting the space bar will not bring up goback as it should. I am wondering if the partition table has been corupted. I will let you know how I go on with what you have sent.

Thanks again

Phil L"

As a general point, it is more helpful to you if you reply using the message box at the bottom of the screen, rather than by using the email envelope icon. That way, everyone can see the progress of the thread, and contribute as they see fit.

  woodchip 23:22 04 Jan 03

The answer is it sees it as Volume = "PRIMARY" for you to see the drive with win98 it would have to be Drive C:\ and XP on D:\

  woodchip 23:25 04 Jan 03

PS if you switch the drives master slave you may see it. you cannot loos anything as you can just restore to what they are now

  Iceman56 20:08 10 Jan 03

Thanks to all for your help

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