Hard Disk Partition - Can I Restore?

  Legslip 10 Apr 11

My friends PC has a 80gb HD of which 52gb is partitioned as C: and about 25gb partitioned as E:. E: used to be his Norton Ghost backup sector but quickly filled up. I have installed a second 80gb HD and installed GFI Backup to do the necessary. Is there any way of allocating some of the E:25gb to C:?

  Thalmus 10 Apr 11

What Operating system is he using?

  Legslip 10 Apr 11

XP Home.

  robin_x 10 Apr 11

Shrink E (or delete it entirely if nothing on it now). If you keep it, Move to right hand side of disk map. Resize/Extend C

Windows Disk Management can do it. But I prefer the 3rd party tools. After each operation click Apply to do it.

eg Partition Wizard, EASEUS Partition Manager Home, Paragon Partition Free.

  robin_x 10 Apr 11


  Thalmus 10 Apr 11

In which case you will need to use a third party program to resize the disk. My personal preference is gparted. If you are unfamilar with the software click here for a tutorial

  Thalmus 10 Apr 11

I should note that even though i have never encountered problems using gparted (and i have used it many, many times) resizing partitions is a risky business, ensure you have everything backed up


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