Hard Disk Drive - Upgrade

I am running a HP Compaq DX3000 slimline tower, it's quite old but serves my purpose. However HDD is now almost full and I need to upgrade, I would prefer to install new one internally as a slave, but am not sure what the machine will take in terms of storage capacity with a new hard drive. I cannot find any information on the net. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Many thanks.

  johnnyrocker 20:25 01 Nov 09

os etc may be of more help


  woodchip 20:28 01 Nov 09

How old the PC, About! If its a old one it most likely is a EIDE drive If you put both Drives on the same Ribbon Cable get a 80 Wire Cable put the Main Drive that you have on the End connector and new Slave on middle connector, Set jumpers on both Drives to Cable Select. I would go for a 150Gb drive if you can get one. some 160gb hear click here

I'm running XP Pro and the machine is about 6 years old, I havn't looked inside yet but I'ms pretty sure it's an IDE ATA100 connection. Does anyone know whether this machine will take 150 GB HDD, or where I can get this info?

Many thanks,

  Muergo 22:45 01 Nov 09

I had a large amount of help from this site when adding a second hard drive to my full up Dell desktop.

I bought a Western Digital 160Gb from scan.co.uk who also answered all my questions and supplied the new cables if needed.
As it happens my ribbon cable had a second connector half way along, but I renewed it all as they were so cheap.

I installed the new drive next to the existing one then cloned old one across before making new one the main drive and the old one the slave.

Used Acronis for all of this and it worked a treat, no problems at all, now have masses of extra space.

Dell took ages to come up with the same answers and wanted THREE times the price for the identical drive.

For one pound insurance, Scan will indemnify you for damage on installation, e.g. if you bend the pins putting it in etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 01 Nov 09

if the machine is only 6 years old and you have XP sp2 or Sp3 then it will take whatever size hard drive you wish.
A 500G drive nowadays is cheaper than trying to find a 160G

Thank you all for your advice I think I will go for the 500GB drive.

Many thanks,


  gazzaho 15:25 03 Nov 09

This web page should give you some help on how to install another hard drive for you computer (click here)

I would install the new 500GB drive clone it with Acronis then switch the connections around so the new drive becomes the boot drive as Muergo suggests then format the old drive for doing Acronis Disk backups and data.

  Kevscar1 15:39 03 Nov 09

Is it absolutley neccesary to have an internal one. I have 2 externals and just dragged and dropped files to them to clear some space on my internal.

  gazzaho 20:57 03 Nov 09

To be honest internal drives are faster than external ones at transferring data, with perhaps the exception of E-SATA.

If you've ever tried doing a full disk backup with Acronis True Image you would notice the difference, using A USB external drive can add perhaps an hour to a full backup. I have a hot swap bay for internal drives and I've tried both backing up to internal and USB external and the internal option wins every time.

I agree with you that a lot of data, perhaps video and music files can be transfered the way you describe to free up space, but on a small drive there isn't a lot of room left after the OS is installed. There's nothing wrong with your advice but a larger internal drive with the OS installed would be preferable over the smaller one, windows works best with plenty of leg room, especially for the page file.

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