hard disk drive failure may be imminent

  carlsberg 17:04 29 Jun 04

Can anyone please help
After deleting a virus (trojan) when i start windows ME i get the following warning,
Warning:immediately back up your data and replace your hard drive.A failure may be imminent.

is this the virus or have i damaged my hard drive.
All help would be welcome.

  woodbexhill 17:15 29 Jun 04

Well as a first precautionary step I'd immediately back up any important data in case the worse happens.

I'll see if I can find out more about this error.

  mbp 17:26 29 Jun 04

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  carlsberg 17:36 29 Jun 04

but does any one know if the warning is genuine to ME.

  Dorsai 17:55 29 Jun 04

I have heard of 'SMART' HDD's that are supposed to be able to monitor themselvs and warn if they suspect they are about to fail.


Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) is built in to newer IDE hard drives. It allows these drives to monitor their own operations and predict most drive hardware failures before they occur. The Disk SMART Status sensor works together with SMART drives to alert you to these conditions.

This sensor only supports SMART-compatible drives.

end quote

From norton system works help file on smart disks...What HDD do you have?

  carlsberg 18:36 29 Jun 04


  carlsberg 18:37 29 Jun 04


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 29 Jun 04

Not heard of this warning happening in windows.

SMART status is reported on the first screen on boot via the BIOS. Says something like primary xxxx smart capable and status healthy.

Rebbot and check this.

  Dorsai 19:38 29 Jun 04

Have never had any SMART warning. just know it exists

Could the virus be just taking the P and trying to make carlsburg spend money for new HDD as a sorta pay back for trying to delete it? How would you check for this? Back up everything i would..

I would aslo try advanced search in 'find' to see if there is a file on the HDD that contains the text (or part there of) 'Warning:immediately back up your data and replace your hard drive.A failure may be imminent.'

if there is a line in your autoexec.bat file that just prints this on the screen to worry you...

  Irishman 19:49 29 Jun 04

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  carlsberg 12:14 30 Jun 04

thanks all for help
Ive found a floppy whitch i got with the HD and run a few tests, it seems that HD if faulty and i`am just waiting for it do die on me.

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