Hard disk drive accessing once a second

  Gwark 14:15 17 Apr 05

Hi, Hope somebody can help. Whenever I start I.E.6 after an unspecified peiod of time the hard disk drive starts to access approximately once a second repeatedly, until I close down Internet Explorer. I have scanned for viruses, spware etc. This has been going on for weeks and I cannot trace the cause. When I click ctrl alt delete and open up taks manager System Idle Process is showing CPU usage of between 93 and 97, going up and down with each disk access, approx once a second. Anybody got any ideas if this is normal or connected to the disk accessing? System otherwise runs perfectly. Any thoughts much appreciated.

  DieSse 14:32 17 Apr 05

Have you cleared out your Temp Internet files?

  Gwark 03:09 18 Apr 05

yeah, I've cleared temp files using window washer.Updated virus databases, spyware databases etc. Using windows XP. Any ideas anyone?

  DieSse 10:20 18 Apr 05

Try closing down some services - eg system restore - see what makes a difference.

Also run a hard disk test - it might just be the part of the drive being used when IE is in action has a defect.

  Gwark 11:28 18 Apr 05

thanx will give it a try

  Number 7 11:34 18 Apr 05

In Task Manager under View> Select Columns, tick I/O Read Bytes and I/O Write Bytes and monitor the activity- moving your mouse around can make a difference to the I/O activity.

  Gwark 13:18 18 Apr 05

Thanx for the response number 7 and Diesse. Shut down services & tested hard drive. I also tried No.7's suggestion. In task manager I get the same reading, however when I move the mouse the CPU heading under task manager drops to between 70 and 92. When I stop moving the mouse CPU rises up to 93 to 97 again. Hard disk continuing to access once a second throughout. Don' really know what any of this means but hopefully one of you boffins out there might have some ideas. Cheers.

  Chegs ® 15:02 18 Apr 05

System Idle Process means that the PC isn't working.Thats why your reading is 97%.I would have a look and see if you have Indexing Service running,it can lead to continual hdd activity.(Right-Click C:\Properties\Box at the bottom.

  Gwark 12:37 19 Apr 05

thanks chegs. Tried disabling indexing service but unfortunately no difference. Still accessing when online. ?????

  Number 7 12:53 19 Apr 05

Open Task Manager whilst online and keep an eye on the I/O Read bytes and I/O Write bytes columns for a change in the numbers.

If you refresh the page in IE for example, you'll see the numbers change in iexplorer.exe entry.

Can you see the numbers for any entry changing regularly?

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