Hard-disk capacity query

  Pedlow 16:39 15 Aug 05

My mate has just had a new 80gb HDD fitted in his computer. It has been split into two partitions, C & F. The capacity of drive C is 30gb, while drive F is unformatted (its capacity is given as 0gb). Does this mean that drive F is around 50gb in size and just needs to be formatted?


  xania 17:00 15 Aug 05

Not quite but almost. You loose a bit during formatting and also some suppliers quote KBs as 1000 bytes - others as 1024 bytes which can cause confusion. Format your F:\ partition as see what it looks like.

  DieSse 17:12 15 Aug 05

"You loose a bit during formatting and also some suppliers quote KBs as 1000 bytes"

You lose so little in formatting that you won't notice. All major drive manufactureres specify capacity in ISO standard units - where 1000 = 1K. Whereas computers traditionally (because of a side effect of bnary arithmetic) use 1024 = 1K

So your empty space will come to around 46Gb.

However when you look at the drive properties it will show capacity in Gb and in actual bytes - you can then see the difference. If you look at the 30Gb partition you will see the actual bytes in 30Gb.

  Pedlow 17:16 15 Aug 05

Thanks guys. I am going to format drive F and see what happens.

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