Hard Disk Cache..............

  Bodi 10:23 19 Jun 03

Is there any benefit of buying a hard disk with an 8MB cache as opposed to one with 2?

I do have a rough idea of the benefit of a larger cache on say a CDR or CDRW, but what about hard drives? Are those with a larger cache worth the extra money?


  Lú-tzé 10:48 19 Jun 03

It all depends on what you are going to do with the pc - gaming will benefit from a bigger cache; other applications no to the same extent. It will depend on the cost of that extra cache - a 10% price differential might be worth it; any extra maybe not.

  Bodi 10:57 19 Jun 03

There is a difference, depending where you buy, of around £10.00. I have turned the piggy bank's face to wall whilst perusing the internet, ' cos I need two hard drives - but a saving of £10.00 could mean a better 40GB as well as the 80GB.


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