Hard disc wipeing

  dobber 1 12:28 29 Sep 08

Is it possible to wipe clean my computer hard disc? if so, will it affect its XP operating system, or will I have to buy an XP installation disc? as XP was already installed on my computer.

  DieSse 12:41 29 Sep 08

"Is it possible to wipe clean my computer hard disc?"


"if so, will it affect its XP operating system"

Yes - wiping clean removes everything - absolutely everything

If you explain why and what you want to achieve - and what system you have - a more useful answer may be possible. For instance some systems have recovery information on them, which can re-install your software (inc XP) to how the system first came to you.

  Taff™ 12:45 29 Sep 08

Is there an XP Certificate of Authenticity with a Key Code somewhere on the computer? It`s a hologrammed sticker usually on the side or rear of the computer.

If you reformat the computer you will lose all your data so you need to back it up. You may be able to re-install the operating system from recovery discs or a hidden partition - What make and model?

If you don`t have a recovery disc, you can borrow a setup disc of identical version (Home or Pro) and install from that but use your own CD Key from the COA.

  Karakorum 17:27 29 Sep 08

Have a look at this thread
{url=click here]Click here[/url]

  Karakorum 17:29 29 Sep 08

Made a bit of a mess of that but the link DOES work!

  Taff™ 22:03 29 Sep 08

So it does but I have never had any success with any of the programs recommended in your link. I`ll wait for an answer from dobber 1 and go from there.

  Karakorum 04:26 30 Sep 08


If you've never had any success with e.g. CCleaner or Eraser or Recuva then I think there must be a problem with your machine.

  dobber 1 10:03 30 Sep 08

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your quick responses. Basically, I just want to clear everything and start again. I did recently do a factory reset which cleared a lot of stuff, including all my music albums that were stored in MP 11 (I was prepared to do this, as I wanted to start again). But when I checked how much space I had freed up on my hard disc, I noticed that it was still almost full. So the files must be somewhere in the system.
So I want a new start, I have my Product Key no., and have access to an XP Pro disc, so wish me luck; and thanks again.


  Terminus90 21:42 02 Oct 08

A factory re-set will probably put a lot of software on your system that you do not need, this is why your disk looks full. What you need to do is format your hard drive, and install ONLY XP, but to do this you will need to aquire an XP DISK from your local computer shop.

  ronalddonald 08:34 08 Oct 08

u do ave a disc insert into drive. retart machine and press f12 as it restarts and follow instrucs from there.

WARNING b4 u do anything get a pen drive or anothr external to abck up any precious files you might need later

  ol blueeyes 16:41 12 Oct 08

I always use "Paragon Disk Wiper 8.5 Personal"
You can either delete entire Disc or just the empty spaces.
It was a Full Programme on PC Advisor'sDecember 2007 DVD
Have used several times and found it very good.
You can choose how many times you wish to overwrite

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