Hanging programs

  gmh 09:19 05 Dec 05

I have suddenly started to have problems with a few programs. Adobe Acrobat 6.0 hung while downloading a PDF file from the web. I uninstalled it but now it hangs (at about 4 seconds to go) when I try to re-install it.
Adobe Reader 7.0 works fine. Microsoft Antispyware Beta hangs whenever it tries to connect to the web. Microsoft Windows Backup hangs at the stage when I hit "Backup Now" when trying to backup the System State. I presume these problems are all connected in some way. I run Windows XP SP2 and have no problems (as yet!) with other programs, whether accessing the web or not. Hope someone out there has some ideas of where to go from here.

  recap 09:44 05 Dec 05

I would check do a full system scan both anti-virus and spyware. Clear your Internet cache of all cookies and temp file items.

  gmh 09:50 05 Dec 05

Thanks for the prompt reply, recap. I have done all that you suggest, and also a system File check, but it made no difference (no problems found).

  gmh 16:17 05 Dec 05

Hoping the "late afternoon" shift have some ideas

  gmh 16:39 05 Dec 05

there is another program that hangs - Google Earth hangs at login stage

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 05 Dec 05

memory problem?

check virtual memory settings and run Memtest86 click here

  gmh 17:58 05 Dec 05

Hi Fruit Bat.
Virtual Memory Settings are: Programs; Programs;1536

I downloaded the Memtest86, but what do I do with the file rawrite.exe (it brings up a DOS prompt, and if I enter C and return, it disappears.
Have I missed something?

  gmh 08:38 09 Dec 05

Still having the same problems. Could it be when one program calls another to do something, eg connect to the web? Does this ring any bells with anyone?

  gmh 19:22 10 Dec 05

I discovered that if I disabled Norton Internet Security 2005 my problems disappeared.
I have now uninstalled Norton Internet Security and installed instead NTL Netguard Security and Zone Alarm. No more problems!
Thanks for responses.

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