Half my HD has vanished

  joberons 16:16 03 Oct 04


I have a 160Gb hard drive (one partition) but have been having problems with large portions of it disappearing. Most of the time, the unused portions do eventually show up again (can never really say why they disappear) but this time its more serious. I do do a lot of downloading, but move the stuff off my HD pretty quickly. This time I converted a 100MB WMA file to .avi and somehow this took up 50Gb of HD space. As soon as I got the low disk warning I deleted the relevant files, but my free space just isn't going up.., in fact I have since lost another 3Gb.

I have run Norton Utilities, deleted the conversion proggy, virus checked (two different programmes), run scan disk and checked my actually folders for any mysterious large files. Nothing has explained where the missing 60Gb is. Of course, I would wonder if my HD is giving up the ghost, but scan disk did not show any bad sectors at all, which I'd normally consider a sign of a failing HD.

Any idea's anyone? This myserious 'disappearance' of HD space has been going on for a while.

  Graham ® 16:40 03 Oct 04

First thing I would do is look in Disk Management : Start, right click My Computer, Manage.

Then look in the hard drive properties and contents.

  Completealias 13:08 04 Oct 04

I had a simalar problem on my pc. Turned out it was down to my norton protected recycle bin. Once I had purged all norton protected files my missing GBytes reappeared. Have since turned off the norton protected recycle bin & haven't had it happen again.

  JonnyTub 13:12 04 Oct 04

try the search facility, search for all files and folders over say 10mb? 100mb? keep going till you can pinpoint the files.

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