Half Life jerky

  bamfiesler 18:32 06 Jul 04

Hi again.

Ok, this time got HL Generations, and with both HL and OpFor the movement forward still doesn't stop right away when lifting off 'W', and the mouse look is jerky, with some odd after-movement.

The only thing I have done since I last played HL earlier this year is a reformat of the main HDD, and am now running MRU Blaster and Sygate PFW; that, other than AVG, is all that runs.

Any ideas?

  Pesala 19:45 06 Jul 04

I would suspect that as the most likely cause.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 19:52 06 Jul 04

Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers?

  bamfiesler 20:45 06 Jul 04


Graphics driver up to date. It's a TNT Riva 64 which worked fine on the game earlier this year. It's gettting blown out soon, but I cannot figure out what the prob is, other than what Pesala suggests.

  sil_ver 20:59 06 Jul 04

It's wise to shut down all background progs including antivirus and firewall before running H/Life or any game for that matter

  bamfiesler 21:03 06 Jul 04

avg, mru blaster, and sygate all knocked out; game still the same. The mouse view jerks away rapidly from your filed of view once you stop moving. Also, both games appear to run rather sluggishly.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 07:09 07 Jul 04

What resolution/video mode are you playing the game in - as these could cause the problem too

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  bamfiesler 07:18 07 Jul 04

running 800x6000, direct 3d

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 07:28 07 Jul 04

Have you tried running it under OpenGL and does that make any difference?

  bamfiesler 08:17 07 Jul 04

this card doesn't support opengl; running the game in software mode is awful.

  bamfiesler 09:06 07 Jul 04

Just updated the Nvidia driver. There is provision for running under opengl, but haven't tried that. The games now run worse than ever, with wild, erratic movement, even if I don't use any keys or the mouse! These are authentic discs I am using.

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