had to reinstall XP,laptop still works desktop no

  Sapins 10:17 27 Jul 06

I have had to reinstall XP on my desktop. The original setup, which was working OK, was; Desktop connected by an Ethernet cable, to a Netgear DG834G router, laptop running XP Media Centre edition, connected wirelessly. The laptop is still connected to the web and working OK, but I cannot get the desktop set up via the router. I have tried to use the Wizards to no avail.

Do I have the remove all traces of network settings and start again or can the desktop be "activated" on it's own?

  mgmcc 12:04 27 Jul 06

Connecting to a router shouldn't involve anything more complex than plugging in the ethernet cable. If you've just reinstalled XP ("clean" installed?), then the Local Area Connection's default setting is to get IP and DNS Server addresses automatically, so there's nothing you need to change there.

With PC and router connected by ethernet cable, open a Command Prompt window and run IPCONFIG /ALL which will tell you whether the Local Area Connection has got its addresses from the router - IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Server.

  Sapins 14:16 27 Jul 06

all I get is C:\documents and settings\"our names">

  Sapins 14:41 27 Jul 06

Looking through the router set up it says to right-click My Network Place and choose properties, I don't have "My Network Place"?

  ade.h 14:48 27 Jul 06

MNP is on the Start Menu, but that's not related to ipconfig; that's simply for managing network share shortcuts. Entering command or cmd in the Run dialogue box should display a command window into which you can enter ipconfig /all, as mgmcc has described.

  Sapins 15:00 27 Jul 06

MNP is not on the start menu! Also I have just discovered that Ethernet Controller in Device Manager has a Yellow ? against it. Does this affect things?

  ade.h 15:21 27 Jul 06

To the first part of that; it should be, but you can easily bring it back via the Start Menu properties.

To the second part; yes, that's a show-stopper! Your Ethernet LAN has not been installed properly. Obviously, there are different approaches depening on whether you install your device drivers from a system CD or download your own.

  Sapins 15:26 27 Jul 06

How do I install the Ethernet LAN? I don't remember doing this before!

  ade.h 15:29 27 Jul 06

Like I say, you can use the system CD if you have one (not the OS CD). Or you can update its driver from the properties of its entry in Device Manager, having downloaded one first.

  Sapins 15:39 27 Jul 06

It's bee a very long 2 days, I just remembered the motherboard CD has the Ethernet software, now installed, what a B....Y wally I am.

Looks like it is all working now, just have to get rid of 3 more Yellow ?'s

Thank you all so much for the help, I am writing down everything I do for the next re-install of Windows!!!



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