Hackers Hidden Files

  Spr 17:12 04 Sep 07

I’m running Windows XP at least once a month I run CCleaner & defrag my PC.
A friend has told me that no matter what I do you cannot get rid of Hidden Files of sites that I or my children have visited, & my PC is vulnerable to Hackers.
Is he correct or is he having me on, if he is correct how do I get rid of these so called files

I have hidden files ticked but I’m still at a lost.

I trust my children when they use the Internet so I have no fear there.

  Clapton is God 17:49 04 Sep 07

I'll assume that you are running a decent AV program, anti-malware programs and a firewall.

So, unless you are running the United Kingdom's anti-ballistic missile defence program on your PC, you're very unlikely to be hacked.

I think that your friend is pulling your p******

  holme 17:51 04 Sep 07

My understanding is that CCleaner does a rigorous job of clearing out 'hidden' history files and is generally thought to be one of the best.

When you start up CClener, have a look at all the ticked bits in the Windows tab which seems to be pretty complete. Note, in particular, that the listing includes "Index.dat" files which cannot normally be deleted manually, except by doing it in Safe mode and, frankly, that's a right faff.

Have a look at click here to see the scale of the problem.

Can anyone add to that please? Does CCleaner cover it?

  Clapton is God 17:59 04 Sep 07

Yes, assuming you have the option ticked, CCleaner does delete index.dat files

  mfletch 18:09 04 Sep 07

Hi, I did a little experiment once what I did was!

1/ I always use Ccleaner set at 7 passes

2/ I down loaded Recuva and Eraser

3/ I Ran Recuva to see what it would be able to recover and believe me it was a lot even what has been deleted with Ccleaner, 27000 or so?

4/ Than I ran Eraser to clean unused disc space it takes a long time?

5/ Then I ran Recuva again?????????

6/ It could only recover {2} files and they was the results from Eraser,

7/ Try it yourself.

Recuva/ click here

Eraser/ click here

Hope this was helpful


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