silverdragon4 22:13 07 Mar 08

I have recentley split from a friend, and she....isnt happy. she knows ppl in Turkey who hack computers. She has my msn(which I have blocked and deleted) and probably my IP address.

Is there any way she can get them to hack my computer after i block and delete her on msn?

  rossgolf 22:14 07 Mar 08

does she no your ip address off by heart? or have it writen down.?

  silverdragon4 22:26 07 Mar 08

more than likely yes

  MAJ 22:27 07 Mar 08

Your IP address changes every time you connect to the internet, so it will do her no good.

  silverdragon4 22:30 07 Mar 08

does it? i thought some stayed the same and others changed

  rossgolf 22:32 07 Mar 08

depends if it is static or dynamic

  MAJ 22:35 07 Mar 08

Unless you specifically bought a static IP Address from your ISP, it will be a dynamic IP Address that you have. i.e. it changes everytime you connect.

  silverdragon4 22:36 07 Mar 08

i take it static is same IP each time and Dynamic changes. Is there a way to scramble my IP? or will an ISP change it to Dynamic?

  silverdragon4 22:37 07 Mar 08

how do i know if it changes?

  lisa02 22:44 07 Mar 08

Go to start>run type cmd

When it appears type IPCONFIG

That'll tell you your IP address.

....don't be so paranoid, she's just trying to freak you out.

  MAJ 22:44 07 Mar 08

Go here click here and take note of your IP address. Then disconnect from the internet for a minute or so, then reconnect and go back to that site and you should see that you have a new IP Address.

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