Habu Microsoft Mouse

  Condom 15 Feb 12

My present Microsoft Habu mouse is getting a little erratic. Although all the blue LED lights around the mouse are still working I have noticed that the lazer light underneath is not lighting up at all. To my mind that would mean that the mouse shouldn't work at all but it is still functioning well in normal use but dragging cards in Spider for instance is extremely difficult.

Anyone got any ideas other than replacing it?

  robin_x 15 Feb 12

Amazon User Reviews have a list of random problems from some users.

You could try re-installing the drivers and using a different USB port.

Good luck.

  robin_x 15 Feb 12

A Warranty Claim, even ourside of One Year, under SoG Act, could also be possible if you can find some other user reports too.

Print any out and take back to your retailer if you think justified.

  D@ve 16 Feb 12

"I have noticed that the lazer light underneath is not lighting up at all"

The laser on my Logitech mouse is almost invisible; you can only see it if staring directly at it, and it is a tiny red spec. (PS I'm not sure how safe / dangerous it is to do this).

  mole44 16 Feb 12

Unplug it,take it to pieces and clean inside including the lenses.when you plug it back in use a port that is attached to the motherboard. The problem might be that the current the mouse draws from the port you use may be either faulty or not able to supply the cirrent requiered.

  Condom 16 Feb 12

Thanks to all that replied.

D@ve You were exactly right, the laser is hardly visable at all when compared to the one my wife uses but it is there which probably explains why it is still working.

I have cleaned it as best I can and plugged it into a USB connected to the motherboard and also downloaded the latest drivers and firmware from Razer and it seems to be a little better but still not as good as it used to be. As I don't play games except Spider Patience with it I don't really need all the fancy bits so I may very well take off the Razer software and use a generic Microsoft Driver.

I have got so used to the feel of this mouse which I have loved from day 1 that I am not keen to break a new one in but I might very well have to.


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