H81M-S2PV Motherboard

  Exteez 23:45 21 Jan 15

Hello guys!

I have a H81M-S2PV motherboard. My current specs are: i5 4440 and GTX660. I am thinking of upgrading to a i7 4790k and GTX970, in addition to a better PSU, SSD and a CPU cooler. My question is:

Will my motherboard limit my better CPU/GPU. I know that my motherboard is a very cheap board, but I am asking if the CPU/GPU would run better on lets say a £300 motherboard? I am also thinking to overclock my new CPU from 4.0GHz to 4.5GHz, will this motherboard allow me to do that? And achieve the EXACTLY SAME effect as I would on an expensive "gaming" motherboard?

Another question would be:

I have a 8GB stick of ram running at 1330MHz, software like CPU-Z or Speccy shows that it runs only at half of that. Checking in the BIOS it said my RAM is 1330MHz indeed. Is my RAM not running at full potential then?

  Exteez 17:03 22 Jan 15

bump! Can someone please help me ?:(

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