gta sa scratched disc!!!

  matt1234 10:58 21 Nov 04


My copy of gta sa was scracthed when it got wedged when the ps2's drive was closing and got badly scrathed!

And in result it doesnt play very well in my 4 year old machine! But here is the very weird thing when trying it on my sisters 1 year old machine the only thing that happened was the road dissapeared (no disc read errors) in some places!

What is going on is my ps2 at fault or will i need a new disc?


p.s. im trying the disc in my mates 3 year old machine thats been repaired once so ill report back what happens!!!

  georgemac 11:19 21 Nov 04

click here try this from toys r us - they will also do it in most stores I think

  LastChip 11:38 21 Nov 04

Toothpaste can work well, providing your gentle with it. Gently rub the affected area. Don't try and remove the deepest scratches, just simply give the disc a "cleaner" surface than it was previously.

  matt1234 13:16 21 Nov 04

I think ill get it sent off to be repaired because if i muck it up (that i probaly will) i dont have the money to replace it!

Does toothpaste work on cdrw just i have some old ones that need tyding up!!!!

  georgemac 14:24 21 Nov 04

also worth going into your local dvd/games rental store - our local one has bought one of these "repair" machines and does the service for around £2.50

basically they remove the coating of the disk, and the scratch - so it will work but you have to be even more careful with the disk in future

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