grungling on in the background

  Victoria 11:46 16 Jun 10

I have borrowed my husbands computer - Dell Inspiron 9300 (another story about mine will be on the forum)
a. dont know how to find which windows system it is running
b. it is obvious that there is all sorts of stuff going on in the background. Assusming he does a defrag at regualr intervals, can someone tell us how to find out what is loading at startup pleaseu

  gengiscant 12:02 16 Jun 10

If you go 'start' 'run' and type in msconfig , then the 'startup' tab ,that should give you a good idea of what programs are starting when you boot the PC.

  onthelimit 12:02 16 Jun 10

Start, Run - type msconfig, enter then click the startup tab. Most can be unticked (except antivirus), but check with somewhere like click here

  onthelimit 12:02 16 Jun 10

fingers too slow again!

  woodchip 14:11 16 Jun 10

For the OS its running right click my computer then properties

  Victoria 14:34 16 Jun 10

thanks everyone - I will have a look (although far be it for me that I delete owt)

  gengiscant 17:20 16 Jun 10

You will not be deleting 'owt' just stopping it from starting when the PC boots up. As 'onthelimit' says most can be unchecked which should speed up start up and if your husband wants them to start right away, it is a simple matter of just re-checking the program in msconfig.

  Victoria 18:27 16 Jun 10

thanks guys - I will put it to him although I was surprised how little is in the startup - nothing that would warrant the continual hard work that seems to be going on

  woodchip 18:46 16 Jun 10

Anti-Virus may be doing a disc scan when it starts up

  T I M B O 18:50 16 Jun 10

To find out what exactly is starting up that does not appear in the msconfig or the task manager you need go no further. System internals that's part of Microsoft have software for you to investigate if you so wish>> click here

Process explorer on the left.

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