Group Policy

I have a Windows 2003 Server and on there is group policy for staff users which has been applied to a new OU. But the problem i am having is that the only way i can implement the policy is by making the users a DOMAIN ADMIN.
Can you help please


  recap 16:04 15 Jun 05

Can you give more information on how you set the OU and users up please?

  recap 16:11 15 Jun 05

Had a dig around and found this click here it may help/


but still not working

  recap 12:28 16 Jun 05

How did you set the OU and GPO up?

how do you mean i just created a NEW OU and then created a policy on that OU. Then created new users from that OU

  recap 15:15 16 Jun 05

Go to "Member Of" in the user account, click the "Add" button then the "Advanced" button to select the type of user you want. Once you have the desired Member of type, delete the Domain one.

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