Groaning sound shutting down.

  diesel1948 20:52 30 May 10

I have a Dell Dimension 9200 31/2 years old. I have noticed a groaning sound when it is coming to the end of shutdown. Any one know what this could be and a way to stop it if possible? Any advice would be appreciated. Terry.

  Technotiger 21:20 30 May 10

Check the fan on the graphics card, perhaps needs a clean-out of dust/fluff and any dead spiders :-)

  martjc 10:09 31 May 10

...and blow the debris off the motherboard.

  martjc 10:20 31 May 10

...make sure no cables can touch the fans!

  Dark Mantis 10:23 31 May 10

If it is not any of the fans it may be one of you drives begining to fail.

  onthelimit 11:36 31 May 10

It does sound as though it may be the hard drive on it's way out. Suggest make a back-up of anything important in case. If you are confident about takeing the covers off, you may be able to isolate the sound more easily.

  diesel1948 20:19 31 May 10

Took back off and cleaned round graphics card fan and gave the insides a blow out, this seems to have done the trick, noise gone now. Whilst we are on the subject of backing up guys is it possible to back the whole computer in one go? I have an external hard drive 1 TB, could the lot be put on there in one operation, Vista as well? Is it a complicated operation? Thank you for advice. TB.

  Technotiger 20:42 31 May 10

Back up using Acronis True Image and you can't go wrong!

Glad we got rid of the noise for you.

Cheers ... TT

  chub_tor 20:54 31 May 10

Free disk cloning software click here

  diesel1948 00:02 01 Jun 10

Thank you very much for your help. TB.

  diesel1948 23:39 12 Jul 10

Thanks guys, forgot to reply after cleaning all the s--- out of box, peace and quiet now. Cheers.

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