Gridlines in Word 2000

  Digital 14:55 25 Jan 07

I want to remove the gridlines in a Word table but clicking on Table, Show/Hide Gridlines has no effect. How do I remove the gridlines to print, please?

  VoG II 15:06 25 Jan 07

Like this click here

  Terry Brown 15:07 25 Jan 07

Open word 2000 as normal, add your table,highlight the cells you want to hide, go to Border Control (Square box on right side of tool bar)click the arrow for options and select the bottom row, 2nd left.

You can also use this option in Excel

  Woolwell 15:09 25 Jan 07

Your are mixing up two things. Gridlines shows the placing of the table and the cell edges when you don't want the the borders of the cells printed. It is easier then to input your data. What you want is Format - Borders and Shading and on borders click in the none box. Before you start make sure your cursor is within the table.

Hope this helps.

  Digital 15:19 25 Jan 07

Thanks all, Woolwell's way worked for me.

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