Greyed screen in Office 2003

  Hazzatt 14:04 07 Nov 08

I have Windows XP on my laptop, with Office 2003. I recently had problems with my hard drive, and had to have it replaced. AfterI got my laptop back Office 2003, which used to run Word, Excel etc. with a bright blue background, now runs with a washed-out grey background - and I don't like it. Small thing I know but annoying.

I have checked that Windows XP has its settings correct - so the appearance under Display is Windows XP style with default blue as the colour, and the task bar on the desktop is blue, as it should be. It's just Word and the other programmes which run with a washed out grey background. Does anyone know how I change it?

When I install Office XP on any other computer, the programmes run with the usual blue background. It's just on my laptop where this isn't happening any more.

  wee eddie 14:57 07 Nov 08

That it is something to do with the "mode" that XP is running in. Try changing XP from Classic Mode to another.

  Hazzatt 15:40 07 Nov 08

Hi wee eddie, It's already in Windows XP mode, as it should be...

  Hazzatt 15:56 07 Nov 08

Oh sorry maybe I don't know what you mean. Where do I find the mode setting?

  wee eddie 15:56 07 Nov 08

What Mode is Windows running in?

  Hazzatt 15:58 07 Nov 08

My response to you somehow went before yours... just in case you didn't see, thanx for replying, I'm not quite sure what 'mode' means. I thought you meant the settings in Display in Control Panel? Sorry, I'm a bit new to all this.

  wee eddie 16:25 07 Nov 08

Right Click the Start Button > Select Properties Select Start Menu > Change from Classic to Start Menu

  lotvic 17:47 07 Nov 08

Follow the advice in click here thread which was exactly the same prob and the settings are explained to put it back to blue.

  Hazzatt 21:09 07 Nov 08

Thanks for your suggestions wee eddie and lotvic, but no go - it was already set to Start Menu rather than Classic; and I also read the previous thread lotvic and it's not quite the same problem: my windows xp is blue, the task bar etc. is blue, as it should be. It's just Word and Excel and the other Office apps which are old-school grey. I need a way to change the background colour of the whole of Office 2003 even though Windows XP is fine.

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