Greyed out boxes

  Les 19:34 24 Apr 04

I've put a program written and saved by me on a CD in order to copy it to my neighbour's computer (yes - him again!) - it was downloaded on to machine but, whgen the program was used and asked to save data then a box came up saying that the file was read only. I'd read that this was the case when downloading a file saved to CD so, no panic! Right click the program, properties and so to untick Read only - it was greyed out. I use Windows 98se and have no trouble doing this - he has XP pro - how do I 'ungrey' these boxes so that I can make delete the ticked box.


  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 24 Apr 04

Is it still on the CD? If so, copy it to the hdd of the computer and then try.

  mgmcc 19:59 24 Apr 04

Is it possible that a folder further up the tree is set to "Read Only" so that all of its sub-folders and files are also "Read Only" and cannot be changed until the top level one has had its "Read Only" attribute removed.

  Les 21:03 24 Apr 04

Diodorus Siculus:

Off the CD and into the C: Folder


The program files were placed in a folder on my machine - copied across to the CD as a complete folder - and downloaded the same way. Tomorrow, when I see him, I'll check the folder name itself to see if that is Read Only.....I 'think' I looked at the individual file causing the trouble.

Thanks to both for the replies.

I'll post if a success.

As a user of Win98Se I just can't get used to XP!


  Les 19:15 26 Apr 04

You were quite correct, it was the parent folder, no bother removing the read only - I suppose that, with the practice my neighbour gives me I will get used to finding my way around XP!!


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