Spr 09:27 17 Nov 05

I am experiencing problems with my PC. When you go to open a Programme you get the busy Hour Glass going round & round for 30 seconds or more when you go to close it you get “Not Responding end now “ message. Opening my Computer, Properties, I got a white screen and the busy light then it opened.

Twice of late I received Dr Watson Post Mortem Debugger Encountered a Problem.

Is there something wrong with the machine do I need a new HD.

I am not very Computer Literate in fact I’m Computer Illiterate

I weekly run Virus checker Kaspersky, Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2005, a² StartCenter, Advanced Spyware Remover.

I am running Windows XP Pet 4 2.5GHz 1025GB Ram.

  rawprawn 09:38 17 Nov 05

Run a System file check Go to Start/Run/ type sfc /scannow and click OK You will need your XP Disc and the computer will ask you for it, put it in and continue if it keeps asking click OK. (When you type sfc /scannow watch the space between sfc and / or it won't work). This may not cure your problem but it will not hurt.

  ACOLYTE 11:07 17 Nov 05

Some programs take longer to open than other's,try defragging the hard drive and enptying the temp folders,running a disk cleanup may help,it may be just a matter of waiting a little longer for the program to open.

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