Greeting Wishes Spam

  TheTerminator 07:59 11 Feb 03

I have started to receive spam (3 or 4 a day) all sent from, where xyz is variable. I block one spam email but the next one has a slightly different address and therefore avoids the spam stopper. Can I make up a rule that will send all "greetingwishes" spam to the trash can? i have tried to work out how to do this but with no luck.

I have also tried to use mailwasher but that doesnt stop the amount of emails I receive.


  €dstow 08:14 11 Feb 03

Not tried this but does a wild-card (*) work in your spam stopper? try using *

This ought to stop all mail with in the address line.


  Andsome 08:22 11 Feb 03

Outlook Express/Message/Create rule from message. Then state your own conditions from the list.

  Foolsbane_1 09:02 11 Feb 03

Greeting Wishes is a real pest. It uses dozens of different email addresses and, even with a wildcard, SpamPal seems unable to stop it.

  jazzypop 10:42 11 Feb 03

Something else I've just learnt... it seems the first point under the Notes section is the relevant part for you.

"To block messages from a sender or domain

You can block messages from a particular sender or domain. The domain is the name following the @ symbol in an e-mail address.

When you block a sender or domain, no e-mail or news message from that sender or domain will arrive in your Inbox or in the news messages you read. E-mail from blocked senders goes directly into your Delete folder. Newsgroup messages from blocked senders are not displayed.

From your e-mail Inbox or the list of messages in a newsgroup, select a message from a sender you want to block.

On the Message menu, click Block Sender.


Blocking a sender applies to standard POP e-mail only. It does not apply to HTTP e-mail or IMAP messages.

To remove a sender or domain from the Blocked Senders list, on the Tools menu, point to Message Rules, and then click Blocked Senders List. Select the sender or domain, and then click Remove."

From the OE6 help file.

So back to the rules - have you tried setting a condition where any message containing greetingwishes in the 'from:' field is automatically deleted?

  TheTerminator 15:46 11 Feb 03

wait for some more spam to hit tonight and see what happens.
cheers for your help as usual...

  watchful 16:04 11 Feb 03

In my message rules I have one or two words where if the subject line contains them, they get deleted.
You could try putting 'greeting' in there.

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