Green and yellow screen unusable.

  diesel1948 16:22 14 Jan 12

I was checking mail yesterday and the screen went off then attempted to restart.It was full of coloured squares and rectangles, it then changed to green lines/spots. A blue screen appeared during all this and it offered to try and repair itself which at the end it said it could not. I tried it with another monitor and its just the same, unusable.Anyone any ideas please? Dell dimension 9200

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 14 Jan 12

sounds like the graphics cad has gone although could be he driver.

try booting into safe mode, tap f8 at boot for the menu.

if you cant see anything at boot or in BIOS then its likely to be the graphics card/chip rather than driver.

  diesel1948 16:47 14 Jan 12

Thanks for that mate i went into safe mode the screen is now blue with lots of dots all over it. You can still sign in which i have done now its all the green dots all over the show. It looks like graphic card like you said, drivers upto date. Graphic card about 4 years old as is computer. Is it just a matter of putting new card in and it would work?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:28 14 Jan 12

Yes just swap the card and install new drivers for your new card.

  birdface 08:28 15 Jan 12

Or maybe take the card out and use the on board graphics temporarily.

  Terry Brown 10:20 15 Jan 12

Depending on your BIOS, try this:

Boot into safe mode and look for VGA mode- this settings bypasses the graphics card and loads a very low resolution to the screen.

If the screen is OK apart from low resolution, then it is the graphics card, if the screen is still the same(breaking up)then it is a motherboard problem.


  diesel1948 09:00 16 Jan 12

Buteman, How could I do this? I have the card out of machine. I don't understand how to connect monitor to computer without the connections on graphic card can you help. By the way new card on order.

  diesel1948 09:05 16 Jan 12

Terry is the vga mode on the options menu when you start in safe mode? I presume I will have to put card back in to do this?

  birdface 09:07 16 Jan 12

Most or some motherboards have graphics built into the motherboard so if you have removed the card just boot up the computer normally and see if it works.

  Terry Brown 09:24 16 Jan 12

As I said to you, depending on your BIOS, NOT all BIOS's are the same and so it may not be on yours.It will show (If available) in SAFE mode and for that you need to insert the card.

If it is not do as Buteman suggests and plug the monitor direct into the motherboard (leave graphics card out), and if it boots up ok, your problem is the card, else look for a motherboard problem.


  diesel1948 10:26 16 Jan 12

Hi again guys,, put card back in and went into bios could not see the VGA mode. Every time computer starts it says there is a problem and windows will try and fix. Then it says do you want to restore and then says it cannot fix. Dont know how to connect monitor without using graphics card.

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