Green Ticks

  Salinger 10:30 18 Mar 05

The only thing worse than not ticking "Resolved" is adding the Green Tick without comment.

  Salinger 10:32 18 Mar 05

This was a comment - not a question - therefore Resolved!

  john-232317 10:36 18 Mar 05

Totally agree, I have even asked what the cure was and still had no reply.

  Storik 11:08 18 Mar 05

Ooooooooooooh no solution is very frustrating, as I have been to a number of threads hoping for an answer to some of my problems, and found it's like reading a book with the last page missing!


  Salinger 11:15 18 Mar 05

That was my point, many solutions may be offered but which one actually solved the problem is helpful to know. The threads are read by many who may be experiencing the same problem and to deny them the courtesy of stating what worked is, to my mind, an utterly selfish use of the Forum.

  Storik 11:18 18 Mar 05

I do owe you an apology too! I have almost duplicated your thread, because I didn't read it properly! Oooooooooh I'm a silly old fool.


  Salinger 11:21 18 Mar 05

Not a problem! Maybe the message will get through, this time!

  €dstowe 11:24 18 Mar 05

I think a large part of this is the "post and go" members who come here with a specific problem, get an answer that works and are never to be seen again.

Some don't even come back to see if their query has been answered.

  ade.h 21:21 18 Mar 05

I agree totally. I only hope that the right people read this thread. I have responded to quite a few threads that have had no feedback or acknowledgement, and it doesn't help anyone.

Just recently, I have found the opposite to be true, so some people are thoughtful enough to do it.

  Danoh 10:40 15 Jul 05

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