Green picture problem help please

  bangers 17:27 03 Sep 06

I installed Roxio 5 on my machine last night and on te restart the bios text was green the when windows started up the picture was masked behind a green haze. I don't think Roxio has anything to do with it. I think the graphics card has gone faulty. Anyone got any advise other than the graphics card?

  johnnyrocker 17:29 03 Sep 06

try reseating the graphics card check cables betweeen pc and monitor.


  bangers 17:31 03 Sep 06

Tried that and the monitor leads as i once had a crt montitor do it and that was the problem. This time it didn't work.

  Diemmess 17:31 03 Sep 06

If so it may be a partial failure of red and time to think of replacement.
I may be wildly wrong, but a simple way to check would be to borrow a friend's monitor.

  bangers 17:35 03 Sep 06

No it is a tft monitor. I honestly think it's the graphics card because of it doing it when the machine starts up on the text (this is greeny yellow) telling me the information before windows starts. The software like DivX9c only affects when windows is running.

  Diemmess 18:13 03 Sep 06

You could still try substitution?
If by chance you have on-board graphics (at present disabled) you could also try reverting to that and removing your doubtful card meanwhile.

  bangers 18:46 03 Sep 06

Yes I thought of that I may try it later when I have time thanks for your help. I have an old graphics card i may also try but I am getting nagged as it is my wedding anniversary today and S.W.M.B.O. is complaining I am spending too much time on the computer.

  Diemmess 19:55 03 Sep 06

I know the feeling!
Congratulations on your anniversary.

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