Green light comes on.

  Georgie68 23:30 02 Sep 09

Even when i've fully shut down my pc at night, (but not unplugged from the wall), a green light comes on at the back of my tower near the main cable.
It doesn't always come on right away, but can sometimes be hours's even woken me in the early hours with it's unearthly glow coming from the back of the pc! What can it be when everything's shut down?!

  woodchip 23:47 02 Sep 09

Led to tell you power is still at the power supply, its a warning for if you are doing any repairs to remove the plug from wall socket

  woodchip 23:48 02 Sep 09

You should also see a rocker switch turn that off should turn the light lout

  Georgie68 23:49 02 Sep 09

Ah, I see. But how come it sometimes doesn't come on till hours later?

  Georgie68 23:50 02 Sep 09

No rocker switch to be seen......

  mooly 07:05 03 Sep 09

Is this green LED internal within the PC or mounted on the case like it is supposed to indicate something? If so is there any symbol nearby.
Anything to do with network activity, do you have it connected by cable etc... just guessing.
Uninteruptible power supply... have you got one of those? Is it a full shut down you do or sleep or hibernate instead.

  Georgie68 08:50 03 Sep 09

The light is on the outer casing and yes, i'm guessing it's to indicate something but like I mentioned, it comes on even if the power's off (not just hibernate).

  mooly 11:44 03 Sep 09

Do you have an instruction manual (might even be installed as a PDF) that shows what everything is. Perhaps if you post the make and model someone may know.

  provider 2 12:37 03 Sep 09

I have an HP pavilion desktop that has a green power light at the back of the casing.

I believe it indicates that there is power available for running the machine ... if it flashes on and off it could be a PSU, motherboard, or BIOS problem.

Normally it will remain on, steady green. When the pc is powered down, then switched off at the wall it remains on for a few seconds, then goes out (as the power drains from the capacitors, I think.)

I can`t understand how it can be coming on again unless your wall switch is somehow faulty.

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