Green hyperlinks to sponsored ads

  Charlie Babbage 21:20 16 Nov 06

Recently on many web sites I've found certain words with a green underlined hyperlink which, when clicked, takes you to a sponsored ad.

I've even found one in the word 'web' on a draft page I recently created click here

I certainly did not create this link myself, so how did it get there? More importantly, is there anything that can be done at design stage to prevent such links appearring?

  mco 21:41 16 Nov 06

I can't see the link on the page you've shown!

  Charlie Babbage 22:29 16 Nov 06

Another annoying thing I get when I do a Google search from the Google home page is that on the left hand side of the screen a separate frame appears headed 'Search enhancer'. Does anyone else get that? Can you do anything to prevent it appearring in the first place?

  mco 23:15 16 Nov 06
  ajm 23:28 16 Nov 06

its also appears on this forum. I am using Safari on a MacBook pro. infact on the first thread you have posted, i can see the words "web site" and "web". These are green and are double underlined.

  harristweed 08:42 17 Nov 06

You have spyware/addware on your computer. Use MS Defender or The Yahoo Toolbar anti spy or other anti spy software to 'disinfect' your computer.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:21 17 Nov 06

It's a form of advertising perpetrated by the website owners, not any fault of the PC user. Certainly not caused by the presence of spyware / adware on the PC.

There are ways of blocking it - many ad-blocking utilities will hide them.

  sebbywebby 11:15 17 Nov 06

i had that

you need to uninstall everything that says search on your computer

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