Graphics Tablets

  Michendi 16:32 02 Jul 05

I want to purchase a new graphics tablet and would appreciate any feedback from the Forum on the good the bad and the ugly of products currently available. Thanks in advance.

  wednesday 13 19:02 02 Jul 05

I recomend buying a desktop PC or laptop(if not already)and buy a seperate tablet. It works out a lot cheaper and still pretty much the same.

  €dstowe 19:18 02 Jul 05

I use these devices professionally. The only brand I would ever give a second look at is Wacom. Others are cheap and/or nasty in comparison.

Unless you are involved on a pro. basis, you do not need a large size tablet - even a lot of my work is done on an A6 size although we do have A2 and A3 sizes available.

  kspatto 19:46 02 Jul 05

I bought a medion tablet from the ALDI it works just fine and is a good size A4 and it was cheap as chips but I dont use it professionally only to edit photos and for graphics I suppose it depends what you use it for


  Michendi 09:25 04 Jul 05

Thanks for your feedback. I do want to use the tablet professionally so quality is paramount.

I have visited the Wacom site but I am still unsure of which product will best suit my needs. Although cost is always a factor, in this instance it is not very important as I assume that I will get at least 5-years use from the tablet so the cost will be written-off over a long period. It is much more important that I select the correct product for now and for the future.

I would really appreciate hearing your views on the suitability (or not!) of specific Wacom models.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

  PsiFox 10:06 04 Jul 05

Another vote for Wacom tablets. As to which one to get it really is down to the features you require.

  €dstowe 10:42 04 Jul 05

All the Wacoms are built to the samr high standard and, as PsiFox says, it is down to what features you require.

They will easily last 5 years - the stylus tip will probably wear out but these are replaceable and some models are even supplied with spares.

Can I suggest that you start with a small size (A6) and see how you get on with it. That way there is no large expediture (large format models are costly - but worth it if you need that size).

I doubt if a lot of our work could be done without an army of Wacom tablets - it would certainly take a lot longer.

Remeber also that some models are supplied with a cordless mouse to use on the pad or, the stylus itself can be used like a mouse.

  Michendi 13:54 04 Jul 05

Thanks to all for feedback. I think I have enough info to make the right choice.

  Curio 19:42 04 Jul 05

the Wacom Intuos 2. A6 size. Comes with Pen and spare 'nibs' and wireless mouse. Have also got a Wacom Volito 2, slightly smaller with no spares or Mouse. A lot cheaper than the Intuos 2, and ideal for a beginner not wanting to spend a lot. Also pens are battery free as is the Mouse.

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